Nouvelles importantes
Nouvelles importantes
De la forêt à la maison, la chaîne du bois verte ( GGSC ) connecte l’une à l’autre.

For millions of years forests have cloaked mother earth as they do today, they are home to many creatures and provide abundant resources. When harvested wisely and with thoughtfulness they give us all the timber we need and then replenish themselves for the next generations over and over again.

Connect through the GGSC - for timber harvested wisely and with thoughtfulness.

The present times are characterized with an increased relevance on forests and wood products as important contributors to sustainable development, particularly in the global fight against climate change as noted in the Paris Agreement and the latest report form the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Sustainable forest management could maintain or enhance forest carbon stocks, including by transferring it to wood products, therefore, storing it over the long term and potentially substituting for emissions-intensive materials, thus reducing emissions in other sectors.

Such relevance represents an unprecedented opportunity for forests, forest industries, traders and consumers of wood and wood products to play an increasingly proactive role in building a bio-circular economy, and global timber green supply chains, may be the pathway for its realization. Global green timber supply chains will address, among others, legality and sustainability from the tree in the forest to the product in the market.

The International Forum Together Towards Global Green Supply Chains: A Forest Products Industry Initiative represented the first international dialogue of its kind. Its outcomes set the foundation for associating, through a global network, the stakeholders with a common vision: knowledge-sharing for incentivizing responsible consumption and production of wood and wood products with additional environmental and socio-economic benefits for the common good.

From October 22 to 24, 2019, the International Forum on “Together Towards Global Green Supply Chains - A Forest Products Industry Initiative” was held in Shanghai, China. Representatives from industry sectors, associations, international organizations and research institutions all over the world agreed on a Chinese entrepreneurs' initiative “An Initiative on Jointly Building The Global Green Supply Chain (GGSC) of Forest Products” and jointly promoting the initiative to build a collaboration network of global green supply chain of forest products.

GGSC is aimed at:

● Incentivizing ‘green’ markets;

● Creating enabling governance frameworks;

● Building human and technical capacities for good practices on the ground;

● Connecting committed consumers and producers.


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