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Jiangsu Wanlin Modern Logistics Co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu Wanlin Modern Logistics Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wanlin) joined the GGSC in 2019. It has been actively participating in various activities organized by GGSC, such as the GGSC promotion committee meeting, the international forum: Together Towards Global Green Supply Chains – for Global Green Supply Chains – A Forest Products Industry Initiative, and etc.

Wanlin revolves around the innovative model of "port in the front, field at the back, production driven by the operation of the port, circular economy". Relying on its leading position in the timber trade industry and its unique advantages of Jingjiang wood processing park, Wanlin integrates trade, port, warehousing and distribution, shipping cargo agency and other resources, to provide high-quality third-party logistics services, professional timber trading market and e-commerce platform. So that, an integrated value-added service of supply chain management has been achieved, to strive for a professional timber modern logistics enterprise.

The company has five subsidiaries, with an annual turnover of about CNY 10 billion, and annual timber imports of 4.6 million m3. It has 752 meters of coastline of the Yangtze River deep water terminal, two 50,000-ton (with 70,000-ton) and one 30,000-ton multi-functional deep-water berth. In addition, Wanlin also owns timber storage yards, steel futures delivery warehouses, and logistics distribution facilities, with a total area of about 1 million m2. A comprehensive logistics business service area integrating office, trade, finance, business administration, and customs clearance at the port has also been established by Wanlin.


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